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About our 1-2-1 Singular Sessions

Welcome to our 1-hour private dog training session, carefully crafted to address specific needs and help build a stronger bond between you and your dog. Opting for a singular session means receiving personalised guidance tailored to your dog's unique requirements, be it mastering basic behaviours or addressing specific challenges.

Ideal for those with busy schedules or seeking targeted guidance without a long-term commitment, our singular sessions offer flexibility.


When considering a singular session, it is recommended for individuals with prior training experience to ensure optimal results. While these sessions provide flexibility, they may be less cost-effective compared to our packaged programs.


Please note that our training services do not extend to any sort of reactivity.

Whether navigating puppy basics or adolescence, our one-to-one session is designed to meet your goals and provide a focused and effective training experience.

Cost: £75

*Please fill up our mandatory form, if you are unsure if this is the right service for you, pop us an email*

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