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Danielle Freer and working cocker spaniel pet

About Snobby Doggy

We take great pride in providing invaluable support to dog owners, helping them navigate the challenges of raising spirited dogs. Our mission is to offer the latest cutting-edge training advice and guidance to fellow dog enthusiasts, ensuring maximum joy in their relationships with their canine companions.

We advocate for a positive and enjoyable learning experience, steering clear of harsh methods.


We are also a 5-star home boarding facility fully licensed with the Brighton and Hove Council, offering a safe and welcoming environment for dogs under our care.

 Home Boarding License number: 2021/01729/ANIBOD

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My Story

I'm Dani—Founder of Snobby Doggy. I am an accredited IMDT dog trainer with a Level 4 qualification in behaviour, offering personalised 1-2-1 training packages for dog owners. As a dedicated pet owner to Molly, my Working Cocker Spaniel, I intimately grasp the intricacies of fostering a healthy and joyful relationship with our canine companions.


My specialisation lies in puppy training, where I focus on equipping owners with the tools and skills for a solid start.


In 2017, I opened my home to provide a reliable haven for dogs, ensuring their well-being through meticulous management practices. This commitment earned official recognition as a licensed boarding home by the Brighton and Hove Council.


Driven to deepen my understanding of canine behavior, I embarked on independent study, a pivotal moment in my commitment to positively influence the lives of dogs and their owners. The enthusiasm derived from caring for dogs and providing valuable advice.


I connected with Hudson's Tails and Trails, a breed-specific Spaniel trainer to enhance my practical skills. I now help co-run the Spaniel Shenanigans foundation class at Hudson's Tails and Trails, where I focus on nurturing breed-specific training.


I continue to expand my knowledge through various canine education providers, including The School of Canine Science.

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Meet the Team


Want to find out more about our training packages? Pop us an email and follow us on our social media pages. 

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