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Beagle - rescue dog training

1-2-1 Level 1 Training Package


Advancing Beyond Basic Life Skills


Take the next step in your dog's training journey with our 1-2-1 Level 1 Training Package.

This advanced program is designed for ages above 6 months, and for owners who seek to build upon the foundational skills acquired in basic life skills training and elevate their canine companion to a new level of understanding and capability.


Key Features of Our Level 1 Training Package


Tailored Progression:

   This program is thoughtfully crafted to provide a seamless progression from basic life skills. Each session is customised to address your specific goals and challenges, ensuring a targeted and efficient learning experience for both you and your dog.


Real-World Applications

   Our Level 1 Training Package focuses on applying learned skills in real-world scenarios. From urban environments to public spaces, your dog will learn to navigate various situations with confidence and composure.


Behavioural Refinement:

   Address specific behavioural challenges or quirks your dog may exhibit. Our trainers will work closely with you to refine any lingering issues and promote consistent, positive behaviour in diverse situations.


Advanced Socialisation:

   Further enhance your dog's social skills by exposing them to a variety of stimuli, people, and other dogs. This advanced socialisation is crucial for a well-adjusted and adaptable canine companion.


Problem-Solving Strategies:

   Equip yourself with effective problem-solving strategies. Learn to navigate and manage common challenges that may arise as your dog matures, ensuring a harmonious relationship between you and your canine friend.


Why Choose Our Level 1 Training Package?


Personalised Approach:

  Enjoy the benefits of one-on-one attention, allowing for a training plan tailored to your specific needs and objectives.


Experienced Trainers:

  Our team of experienced trainers is dedicated to your success, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to address your dog's unique requirements.


Continued Support:

  Benefit from ongoing support and guidance throughout the 8 week training period. We're here to ensure your success extends beyond the training sessions.


Elevate Your Dog's Training Journey Today!


Embark on this advanced training experience and witness the remarkable transformation of your canine companion. Contact us to schedule your 1-2-1 Level 1 Training Package and take the next step towards a well-behaved, confident, and obedient furry friend.


*Please note, we do not deal with behavioural issues such as reactivity* 

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