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1-2-1 Teenage Tornadoes Training

Ready to take your dog's training to the next level?

Our 1-2-1 Teenage Tornado Training Package is designed for dogs aged 6 - 18 months old. 

Ideal for owners looking to build upon their dog's foundational skills. 

This program is carefully tailored to seamlessly build upon basic life skills. Each session is customised to address your specific goals and challenges, ensuring a targeted and efficient learning experience for both you and your dog.

*Please note, we do not deal with behavioural issues such as reactivity* 

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What's included?

  • Consultation

  • Four x training sessions (weekly) either online or in person

  • Video or written notes after each session

  • Personalised training plans after each session

  • Ongoing video critiques and feedback between sessions

  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook group

  • Unlimited WhatsApp support for any questions or concerns

Let’s Work Together

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